September 15, 2022

Why Truck Tires Need More Attention

Whether you have a lot of experience with trucks or not, there are a few basic things to check for so you can tell when you need new tires. It might also be a matter of recognizing when you're on the verge of requiring new tires. This will allow you to prepare ahead of time and prevent you from having a blowout while driving, which could be deadly for you and others on the road.

When you think about tires, you could consider that the majority of trucks on the road are utilized for work, pushing them through more miles in a shorter period. This implies that truck drivability will suffer, mainly due to wear and tear. The sidewalls wearing down and exposing the wire beneath is one example of truck drivability difficulties caused by wear and tear. This may easily result in a blowout or leave you stranded on the side of the road. That is something that no one desires—knowing the condition of your tires before each journey is part of being prepared.

You carry a lot of weight 

Because the tires are designed to withstand this weight, this isn't as big of an issue. It does, however, impact how the tires wear down over time and how the truck handles. If the weight isn't distributed correctly, the tires will wear unevenly. Furthermore, they may need further vehicle repairs if the tires are not correctly filled. If your vehicle transports a lot of weight regularly, appropriate tire maintenance is critical to avoid future truck repair concerns.

Foreign object damage (FOD)

What exactly is FOD? Foreign Object Damage (FOD) is a term that refers to damage caused by foreign objects. This refers to any nails, stones, or other objects your tires may encounter while driving. Your truck's tires can be badly damaged due to these things. It can help to visually examine your vehicle tires regularly to ensure that you don't have any problems, such as a nail creating a slow leak. We're not suggesting that you crawl under your vehicle every day and check it thoroughly. However, whatever you choose, keep in mind that, in our opinion, tire checks should be performed at least every couple of weeks.

Additional wear and tear due to weather 

Driving in various sorts of weather may put a variety of stresses on your tires. This is particularly true while driving in scorching temperatures. The road will get quite hot, and as you drive, your tires will heat up, removing layers of rubber. As a result, the tire tread wears out faster, necessitating more frequent tire replacements.

Final words 

To summarize, truck tires need more maintenance since they accumulate many more miles than the average automobile due to their usage for labor. They also bear greater weight and are more likely to be damaged by FOD or foreign objects. Temperatures, particularly warmer weather, can also wear down your tread more quickly.