September 15, 2022

Heavy Duty Truck Engine Rebuilding: 3 Most Common Mistakes To Avoid

Engine rebuilding is a complicated undertaking, so you'll want to ensure you don't make any errors. To make life easier, we've compiled a list of heavy-duty truck engine rebuilding mistakes that someone can make when rebuilding an engine. Make sure you don't make any of these blunders to keep out of trouble. These tips will allow you to get the maximum out of an engine rebuilding job as well. 

1. Not taking accurate crankshaft measurements

This is probably the most common error we encounter. When it comes to diesel, heavy-duty trucks, the cylinder could be out of compliance by as little as 0.003," and your crankshaft could be out of spec by as much as 0.0005".. A cylinder that's also tapered by.004" or a crank journal which is out of round by.0005", on the other hand, is undetectable to the naked eye. There may be no apparent wear or damage on an out-of-spec engine. Use a micrometer to examine the bore and crankshaft if you want the rebuild to last as long as feasible.

2. Not using appropriate measuring devices 

Calipers are helpful for a variety of activities; however, they are not suitable for measuring engine components. If you move your wrist while counting, your measurement will be wrong. A micrometer is preferred because it is easier to keep perpendicular to the measurement component but does not move till the thimble is spun. Because using a micrometer requires practice, make sure to fine-tune your technique using established "standards."

3. Not using appropriate rod bearings 

Unfortunately, not ensuring that  the bearing clearance has been checked isa common occurrence. Overtightening the bearings, especially on the rods, is the worst thing you could do to a diesel engine, especially on a heavy-duty engine. The rod expands a bit as you spin them up, squeezing the bearing or failing to obtain enough oil if it is cold enough, leading the bearings to fail.

There's no need to apply engine oil or assembly oil on the back of the bearings, and we're not sure why some manufacturers do so. It would help if you had high bearing crush and security in saddles and tie rods. Bearing saddles should also have a gorgeous crosshatch design and be bone dry to maintain bearing stability. Lubricate all bearings & journal surfaces well before mounting the crank and cylinder components.

Final words 

These are the most typical engine rebuilding errors you'll almost certainly make. Concentrate on these blunders and make sure you never repeat them. Then you can make sure that you will not end up doing anything terrible to the truck's engine.