September 15, 2022

4 Tips For Preserving Heavy-Duty Truck Brakes

One of the things you use the most when traveling along the road is your heavy-duty truck brakes. And with good cause! Your heavy-duty truck is undrivable if your brakes stop working. This is why it is crucial that you take excellent care of your brakes and do not misuse them. When you press the brake pedal, friction is created between two surfaces, which is how brakes function. Heat is produced as a result of this friction. Because of the tremendous amount of friction, it’s normal for brakes to wear down and deteriorate over time. Brakes may last up to 35,000 miles and often considerably longer, depending on your driving habits. Making your brakes last as long as possible is ideal, and there are ways that your can positively impact their lifespan. Here are some tips for preserving the brakes of your heavy-duty truck. 

1. Be patient when you are driving. 

The faster you drive, the more time you need to stop your heavy-duty truck, and the more difficult quick braking becomes. As a result of braking harder and more often while traveling at a faster speed, you will certainly notice increased wear on your brake components.  Driving at a recommended speed limit and maintaining a safe driving distance between you and others on the road will allow you to control your braking and better preserve your truck’s brakes. 

2. Avoid overloading your truck 

It’s no secret that the more weight you’re hauling, the more work you’re putting on your brakes to stop the vehicle’s weight. This causes them to work harder and wear faster.  If you often tow trailers, you should get your brakes tested sooner than the typical heavy-duty truck. 

3. Choose the right tires

Selecting the correct tires for your vehicle goes hand in hand with not overloading your truck.  It is important to have the right tires for the job you are doing and the weight of load you’re frequently hauling.  Additionally, maintaining correct tire pressure will allow your brakes to function properly and avoid premature brake wear and deterioration.

4. Avoid slamming the brakes 

Your brake shoes and/or pads will quickly wear out if you frequently slam on the brakes. Drive more slowly, leave adequate stopping space, and use the brakes gently rather than slamming them. If possible, let your heavy-duty truck coast and downshift to decrease speed. This helps you save energy and reduce brake wear and tear. 

Final words 

Being alert and anticipation the actions of other drivers on the road can help you avoid slamming on the brakes, which will save your brakes from unnecessary wear. Pay attention to how the traffic moves, upcoming construction, and potential accidents. Knowing your route can help you avoid stopping suddenly to move over to the exit lane or making a fast turn while braking and instead be ready to take your exit or make your turn when necessary—being alert. Be sure to include your brakes in your regular preventive maintenance programs to spot any potential wear issues early.