September 15, 2022

3 Tips For Preventing Common Freightliner Truck Breakdowns

In the case of a significant rig failure, all professional drivers must know what to do. If you're a professional Freightliner truck driver, you'll almost certainly have a mechanical malfunction or breakdown at some point. 

1. Always be ready for the unexpected

Breakdowns are usually surprising and always inconvenient. For a Freightliner truck driver, though, they are a fact of life. To manage an equipment breakdown "like a pro," there are a few things to consider.

It would be ideal of course if you had a resource to assist you in finding a repair shop during a breakdown This is not always the case though, suppose you're an owner-operator with sole responsibility for your vehicle. In that case, you'll want to make sure you have a looked into repair facilities and safe stopping sites along your route in the event of a mechanical breakdown.

2. Instructions from the dispatcher

If you drive for a fleet, your dispatcher/driver manager will most likely give you instructions on how to deal with the breakdown, including how to get a tow and where the Freightliner truck should be towed to. Although it may seem easy, preventive maintenance is the most effective strategy to lessen the likelihood of a breakdown. We cannot emphasize the need for thorough pre-trip, post-trip, and on-route vehicle inspections enough.

This is where your hard work will undoubtedly pay off! It's usually best to do these inspections in the daytime if feasible, and indicators of possible problems can easily be missed while using flashlights at night.

3. If you find yourself in a truck breakdown, be calm

There's no need to fear if your Freightliner truck develops a technical problem. Always keep your wits about you. Breakdowns may occur in less than ideal situations, such as during terrible weather or in undesirable neighborhoods.

If you keep your cool, you'll be able to make better judgments about what to do next. A panicked person is more likely to make poor judgments, putting himself and possibly others, others at risk.

Final words 

It’s not ideal to be broken down on the shoulder of the road. You are exposed to fast moving traffic in proximity, and one careless motorist is all it takes to drastically change the situation. As we all know, many inattentive drivers use their mobile phones instead of paying attention to their driving these days.

Stay attentive if you've broken down on your shoulder. Keep an eye out for oncoming traffic and remain in your truck as much as possible.

If you're traveling and the vehicle starts to fail, pulling over on an off-ramp is safer than pulling over on the highway shoulder, even though it's not the best spot to get off the road.