February 21, 2023

3 Indicators Your Heavy-Duty Truck Needs Brakes Repair

Losing faith in your heavy-duty truck's brakes while driving is the last thing you want to happen. Fortunately, there are a number of symptoms that help you identify brake issues as early as possible. From feeling how your heavy-duty truck’s brake pedal response to listening to any new sounds while you brake. In this article, we’ll cover some of the most common warning signs that your heavy-duty truck is in need of brake repair.

1. A soft or spongy brake pedal 

Your brake pedal should feel solid underfoot when you push it. Your braking system may contain air or moisture if the brake pedal is soft, spongy, or difficult to push all the way to the floor. Alternatively, it can mean your master cylinder has a problem. Any of those possible issues should be addressed immediately since they can significantly affect your braking performance. 

Air in the brake lines is the most typical reason for a spongy brake pedal. Either cleansing or replacing the brake fluid will resolve this. Flushing, commonly referred to as bleeding the brakes, uses fluid to drive air out of the system. This may also be beneficial if excess moisture has built up in your brake lines, which might lead to boiling brake fluid.

2. Grinding or squealing noises while braking

Squeaking or squealing when braking is generally a sign that your brake pads are too worn, and your caliper is beginning to scrape against your rotor. On the other hand, if you hear grinding, you've put off replacing your brake pads and now run the danger of further damaging your calipers and rotors in addition to having greater trouble stopping your heavy-duty truck.

3. Burning smell when applying brakes

A burning smell is the last thing you want to smell when driving your heavy-duty truck. It may indicate that your brakes have overheated if you detect a burning smell while applying the brakes. As soon as you can, stop your heavy-duty truck and pull aside to look for a likely reason. If not, you run the danger of boiling your braking fluid, which might result in brake failure.

If you notice any of these issues it’s important to get your truck into a diesel repair shop as quickly as possible so that they can diagnose and repair your brakes.